Providing environmental solutions for a developing California

Bargas is an environmental consulting firm that combines seasoned leadership
experience with skilled project management to help our clients navigate regulatory processes.


Bargas performs a wide range of technical studies to support our clients’ needs in developing their projects:

  • Protocol-level special-status species surveys – Bargas Environmental Consulting maintains a strong network of in-house specialists and partner experts to address a full range of special-status species (e.g., vernal pool fairy shrimp, giant garter snake, Delhi Sands fly)
  • Biological and Cultural Resource Assessments
  • Due diligence reviews related to property transfers
  • Desktop reviews
  • Field-based reviews
  • Formal habitat and aquatic resources delineations
  • NHPA Section 106 cultural resource reports and CEQA
  • Tribal cultural resources evaluations
  • Arborist surveys
  • CEQA/NEPA – Biological and cultural resources reports and sections
  • GIS and digital mapping
& Permitting

At Bargas we differentiate ourselves from other firms by providing clients with alternative approaches to prevent needing permits for their projects. We offer a full range of environmental permitting services:

  • Permit avoidance and minimization strategies
  • Clean Water Act permitting and compliance including Section 404 dredge and fill permits, Section 401 water quality certifications, Section 408 flood control support
  • California Fish and Wildlife Section 1602 Streambed Alteration Agreements
  • Federal Endangered Species Act biological assessments and compliance
  • Cultural resources – Section 106 and CEQA tribal cultural resources consultations
  • Regulatory Agency consultation and coordination

During the construction phase of projects, we offer services to help our construction contractor clients comply with environmental protection measures required for these activities:

  • Biological and cultural resource support for vegetation management activities including utility lines, roadways, weed abatement, and vegetation management projects
  • Preconstruction surveys and studies including nesting bird surveys, water resources reviews, and special-status species surveys
  • Contractor liaison services
  • Contractor environmental awareness programs
  • Contractor compliance with environmental requirements
  • Contractor supplied biologists
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) and monitoring
  • Pre- and post-construction photo documentation and permit compliance reporting
  • Mitigation monitoring and reporting

Land Development/
Private Entities

• Taylor Builders
• Signature Homes
• Richland Communities
• Petrovich Development
• Thomas Law Group
• Golden State Properties
• Galaxy Hotel Group
• Outward Bound California

Energy and
Renewable Energy

• Pacific Gas & Electric
• Southern California Edison
• Southern California Gas
• Sacramento Municipal Utility District
• Clean Focus Renewables

Local Government

• Orange County
• San Bernardino County
• Sacramento County
• El Dorado County
• City of Citrus Heights
• City of Rancho Cucamonga
• City of Shasta Lake

State and Federal

• Caltrans
• California Department of General Services
• US Army Corps of Engineers

Bargas is a federal- and state-certified minority woman-owned small business. In 2017, Bargas received the “Women-Owned Small Business of the Year” award from the U.S. Small Business Administration, Sacramento, and the “Latina Excellence in Business” award from the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

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Angela DePaoli

Angela founded Bargas Environmental Consulting in 2012 to combine her passions for natural sciences and for development and growth in California. As its sole proprietor and leader, she brings her experience in managing complex projects for the gas and electric transmission energy sector, residential and commercial land development, as well as state and federal transportation projects to guide timely innovative solutions for Bargas clients.

An expert navigator of the permitting process, Angela helps project developers find balance between quality development and environmental concerns. She leads her teams to set clear timelines and deliver on-time analysis to consistently meet project deadlines. Her experience working in close coordination with public agencies, private clients, elected officials, construction contractors, sub-consultants, and project teams gives her a unique perspective and ability to deliver results.

Angela serves as President of the Sacramento Valley Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and is a member of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; a mentor for the Association of Women in Water, Energy and Environment; and received the Latina Excellence in Business Award in 2015 and the Women on the Way Award from NAWBO in 2016.

Inspired by her grandfather, the Bargas namesake, Angela is an active supporter of educational opportunities for girls and young scientists.

Angela has her B.S. in Soil and Water Science, M.S. in Soil Science, and P.M.P. Certification #1419198.

David Carr

David is at the helm of the new Bargas office in Southern California. His mission to bring people together to accomplish great things infuses his leadership style and guides his work through listening, understanding client needs, and taking sound and appropriate actions to address them. David joined Bargas in 2018.

With more than two decades of experience as a Wildlife Biologist, Ecologist and GIS Technician in conservation planning, transportation, energy, water resources and development for public and private sector projects, David understands the complex nature of work plan development, implementation, and budgetary requirements to successfully complete projects.

His diversity of experience is key for successfully guiding staff on projects large and small, in areas like environmental compliance, biological resource assessment, identification, and restoration. David brings his expertise in preparing biological reports and assessments into document compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), California Department of Fish and Game Codes, Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), and federal and state Endangered Species Act to serve clients. His extensive knowledge of the sensitive habitats, plants, and wildlife of the Southwest enables a balance between their habitats and the needs of development.

David holds a B.S. in Zoology.

Marcus England

Marcus has extensive experience managing operations. Through the years, he has worked on efficient programs and processes for managing the collection, retention, and presentation of field data to help make science more approachable to non-scientists. Marcus manages field operations at our Pasadena office and joined Bargas in 2018 .

Working as a senior-level consultant since 2005, Marcus has led studies, permitting, and documentation or large and small projects in residential and commercial development, electrical transmission, solar, gas, and wind industries, and has led large wildlife studies for government agencies and non-profit landholders.

Marcus has worked extensively preparing reports for permitting under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), California Department of Fish and Game Codes, Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), and Federal and State Endangered Species Act. Outside of California, he has worked on large projects in Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Originally from the Midwest, Marcus moved to California to enter the biological consulting field in 2003 after spending two years developing the Landbird Monitoring Programme in Belize, Central America. While his primary interest is in birds, he has broader interests in all vertebrate wildlife, habitats, ecological processes, and how all of these intersect with the built environment.

Marcus holds a B.S. in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.

Coral Fenech

Coral comes to Bargas with over 17 years of experience in providing geospatial solutions in all areas of environmental consulting. She has an extensive background in successfully managing the overall GIS for projects in natural resources, water resources, utilities, transportation, and renewable resources. Coral joined Bargas in 2020.

Coral has been the GIS Lead on many large scale projects for SCE, SoCal Gas, Caltrans, and various California Municipalities. Her expertise is providing effective GIS solutions with a high degree of technical complexity and coordinating with project managers, sub-consultants and clients to assure all mapping and analysis needs are met.

Having studied as a scientific illustrator before GIS, Coral is a natural at generating cartographic quality and aesthetically pleasing maps for any technical report that comes her way. She understands the need to create a great looking map but with accurately analyzed data results. Coral brings additional expertise in technical field support such as GPS and field form set-up. She is always looking for ways to provide cutting edge GIS and GPS solutions to clients while adhering to project budget and timelines.

Managing her family ranch has instilled in her that it takes a compassionate team with each person having an integral part and a ready willingness to roll up your sleeves and work hard while being resourceful with an openness to learning new things and is what keeps the ranch healthy, thriving, and successful. She applies these same principals with her work at Bargas which she believes also keeps a healthy, thriving, and successful business environment and Team.

Coral holds a B.A. in Geography and GIS Certification from CSULB.

Johanna Page

Johanna brings nearly two decades of experience to Bargas performing biological assessments and managing environmental projects throughout California. Johanna has comprehensive scientific knowledge of California ecosystems and associated protected biological resources. Her mission is to have an impact on positive environmental sustainability by blending her passion for environmental stewardship with the realities and needs for clients to be able to complete
projects in a timely and responsible manner.

Johanna brings proficiencies in supervising small- and large-scale biological studies, coordinating with local, state, and federal resource agencies, and ensuring projects maintain compliance with biological resource laws, regulations, and permits, as applicable. Additionally, she is adept at planning and executing habitat assessments and surveys and is experienced in the design and implementation of environmental training programs for construction projects of all sizes. She has managed a wide variety of projects and conducted biological surveys for various plant and wildlife species throughout California.

Johanna holds a B.S. in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology and a minor in Geography.

James Stewart

James blends his knowledge of Earth Sciences with his expertise in strategic planning, marketing outreach, market analysis, and business growth and development, gained from his nearly three decades of experience. James joined Bargas in 2016.

James believes in assisting clients with sustainable solutions to address their needs. He is a seasoned, experienced senior program manager and takes a hands-on approach to complex projects.

Mentoring staff regarding “all things regulatory” is one of his strengths, with a special focus on teaching habitat impact avoidance and minimization. James’ extensive experience in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) enables Bargas to help the energy, water resources and communication industries meet regulatory requirements.

James has been deeply involved with a vast array of power and energy projects, including relicensing of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), hydropower dam biological surveys, and determining wind and solar power locations on public and private property throughout California. His guidance helps Bargas provide technical services to these industries in compliance with California Public Utilities Commission objectives.

James holds a B.S. Physical Geography/Geology.

Harlan Glines' Linkedin

Harlan Glines

Harlan is an expert in the environmental consulting field, with 35 years of experience. He brings a broad range of technical and management skills to help clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements that govern major public and private projects. He believes that project proponents should be fully informed about how those rules and regulations affect their projects and what the range of options are to address those requirements.

During his career Harlan has managed a wide range of major projects including water resource, energy, and transportation infrastructure facilities. He is an expert in navigating the CEQA/NEPA and permitting processes for those projects and has helped clients successfully achieve their goals for infrastructure improvements.

Harlan values the personal and professional growth of the employees he works with and strives to provide opportunities for continued development in their careers.

Harlan holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies.

Gabriel Bargas

Our Inspiration

“I founded Bargas as a testament to, and in recognition of, my grandfather Gabriel Bargas. The firm’s name – Bargas –is a testament to, and is in recognition of, my grandfather Gabriel Bargas. For without his guidance, sacrifice and fortitude the Bargas family would not have migrated from Progreso, Mexico to San Francisco. My grandfather left Mexico in the mid-1940’s leaving his wife and six daughters behind until he could save enough money to move his family to join him as soon as possible.

His purpose for coming to the United States was a similar story to many other immigrants; to obtain an education and career that would further the possibilities for his family. From the time of his arrival in the United States to his death in 2010, Gabriel was adamant that his family appreciate the many opportunities provided to them, such as the chances for higher education so that we could share what we have learned with our communities.

During decades of family growth and relative prosperity he continued stressing to his daughters, and his grandchildren, the importance of being self-sufficient through the pursuit of an education and establishing a career. Gabriel instilled in the Bargas family the importance of having a life-long work ethic and purpose and leading one’s life from a place of service.

I miss his guidance and seeing the pride in his face, but I know that his legacy and spirit lives on in Bargas Environmental Consulting.For that I owe him my commitment to continue his journey.”

Angela DePaoli
President/CEO of Bargas

Citrus Heights Electric Greenway Trail Improvement Project No. 20-18-00 – City of Citrus Heights

The Citrus Heights Electric Greenway Project is an Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant funded project. The Electric Greenway is a 2.9-mile multi-use trail between Sunrise Boulevard and Wachtel Way largely following an existing Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) electric corridor. The project, in the City of Citrus Heights and unincorporated Orangevale, connects several neighborhoods to seven parks, several schools and the Sunrise Marketplace. Bargas staff biologists conducted botanical surveys and then processed data and identified plants found in the field. A post-field data analysis was conducted, as well as a rare plant survey.

City of Citrus Heights multi-use trail, electric transmission corridor, biology and CEQA project


San Bernardino County – On-Call Biological Services

Bargas staff were retained by the County of San Bernardino to serve as the Biological Resources Task Manager responsible for overseeing the biological studies, surveys, compliance monitoring, and documentation in support of County projects. Specific special-status species of concern included desert tortoise, burrowing owl, Mohave ground squirrel, nesting birds and rare plants.

Electric transmission towers across wetlands

Caltrans – Highway Construction Support in Sierra County

Bargas provided biological and cultural resources support for various construction projects. For each project the work included preparation of a Natural Resources Protection Plan which include a description of local biological resources, as well as requirements for addressing concerns related to special-status species. The work also included conducting preconstruction surveys for sensitive species as well as daily monitoring during construction activities. At the completion of each project a post-construction survey and report that documented conditions at each project site and provided recommendations regarding continuous improvements for improving species protection measures.

Upper Westside Master Planned Development – 2,078-acres in Sacramento County, CA

The Upper Westside Master Planned Development is located in Natomas, Sacramento County and incorporates 2,078-acres. Although in Sacramento County, the proposed project abuts the City of Sacramento and is bordered by Interstate 80 along the south, Garden Highway and the Sacramento River on the west and city limits to the north and east. The conceptual plan proposes 10,219 residential units, five million square feet of commercial development, 185 acres of schools and 510 acres of park. A unique feature is a one-mile long canal that is at the center of the commercial core and is proposed to have 4-5 story retail and office buildings along it. Bargas biologist and cultural resource specialists conducti sede surveys in support of regulatory compliance staff preparing Clean Water Act and Endangered Species Act permit applications for appropriate state and federal agencies review and approval.

Southern California Edison power pole replacement

PG&E – Pipeline Inspection Project

Bargas provided construction support for a PG&E in-line inspection, cleaning, and retirement of a gas transmission pipeline located in the Delta Region, crossing under the San Joaquin River at Sherman Island, Sacramento and Contra Costa County. Primary responsibilities included pre-construction nesting bird surveys and biological monitoring of construction activities near suitable habitat for western pond turtle, giant garter snake, and in proximity of active nesting birds.

PG&E – El Cerrito Creek Emergency Cleanup Project

Bargas provided permitting support for a PG&E emergency cleanup project related to the explosion of a transformer next to a waterway. Primary responsibilities included completing applications and materials for CDFW Fish and Game Code Section 1602 Lake and Streambed Alteration Agreement, Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 401 Water Quality Certification, and CWA Section 404 Pre-Construction Notification.


Construction monitoring

Sacramento Area Sewer District – Creek Protection Project

Bargas was retained to provide biological support for the Sacramento Area Sewer District’s Creek Protection project to complete maintenance on sewer pipes at creek crossings in Sacramento County to prevent accidental sewer discharge into local waterways. Primary responsibilities included pre-construction surveys for nesting birds and wester pond turtle, and biological monitoring of construction activities in proximity of an active acorn woodpecker nest.

Glenn County – Glenn County Bridges

Glenn County, with Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration, retained Bargas Environmental Consulting to provide environmental permitting services for the replacement of four bridges within the County. Bargas provided CEQA permitting services by preparing the necessary permit applications (Clean Water Act Section 401 Certifications) to allow the projects to proceed to implementation. Bargas, with County staff, coordinated with the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board to secure the certifications.

Bridge over Suisun Marsh

PG&E Managed Projects

Bargas provided support to PG&E Project Managed program for desktop environmental review of electric and gas distribution maintenance projects throughout their service area. Primary responsibilities included developing project descriptions and Google Earth maps for use in the biological, cultural, and EFS subject-matter reviews. This project involved direct communication with PG&E project managers and engineering estimators to obtain details regarding project location, construction schedule, construction methods, and scale of soil-disturbance required. Responsibilities also included investigating the presence of special-status species, protected habitats, and aquatic resources for potential projects using Google Earth and PG&E’s GIS MapGuide program. This information was then used to develop a preliminary environmental screening document and biological constraints report. Project field visits were also conducted to determine if potential habitat for special-status species or aquatic resources were present. If biological constraints to a project were identified, Bargas recommended appropriate avoidance and minimization measures to PG&E.

Orange County/Caltrans – State Route 174 Improvement Project

Bargas staff provided project management and biological support for road safety improvements. Species of concern included arroyo toad and nesting birds.  Bargas conducted biological monitoring throughout the nesting bird season. Additionally, Bargas worked with a landscape contractor to implement restoration mitigation measures including site preparation, initial plant installation, and monitoring.

We are Hiring

Bargas is growing! 

Please feel free to submit a copy of your most current CV and Cover Letter showcasing your areas of expertise.

Bargas provides science-based solutions to our clients and is well experienced in the rigors of interacting with federal and state natural resource agencies. Our company culture and office ambience is relaxed and we pride ourselves in nurturing the human element.  Working at Bargas is more than a job; it is a positive life experience with staff being supported to move forward in their chosen careers.

We will review your submittal and you will be notified of our receipt of your resume. If there isn’t a position open currently that meets your qualifications, Bargas will retain your resume on file for future reference.

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